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Icon Process Controls – Corrosion-Free Instrumentation Equipment

Icon Process Controls specialises in providing industry with the most complete line of corrosion-free instrumentation which enables industrial manufacturers, bulk chemical distributors, waste/water skid builders, chemical dosing OEM’s, cooling tower water treatment, plating/surface finishing plants, and aquatic animal life support facilities to safely and efficiently manage their contained liquid assets.

Our quality Truflo flow solutions products measure flow rates for continuous as well as dosing flows, with sizes ranging from 1/”-24”.
The Truflo paddle wheel flow meters incorporate a zirconium ceramic rotor pin and bushings and have been engineered to outperform any competitive paddle wheel flow meter product; we are so confident that all paddle wheel flow sensor assemblies come with a lifetime warranty. The Truflo leak detection sensor is an excellent choice for the interstitial space of dual contained tanks. The leak detection sensor comes in a float style for clean liquids or the capacitance type for corrosive media. The Truflo plastic flow switch is an excellent choice when pump protection or flow/no flow indication is required.

When it comes to liquid level sensors or level transmitters the Levelpro series provides accurate and reliable level measurement. Our plastic submersible sensors are suitable for corrosive chemicals and are not affected by foam, vapor or turbulence. If non-contact level sensing is required Levelpro offers ultrasonic, radar transmitters. If high/low point notification is required Levelpro also offers float switches, vibration level switches, as well as capacitance type level switches.

We design, manufacture and market the most complete lines of industrial corrosion-free flow and level measurement equipment for industry’s most demanding chemical, water, wastewater applications.

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