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How do Truflo Paddle Wheel Flow Meters Work?

Truflo plastic paddle wheel flow meters utilize a paddle that comes in contact with the liquid media.
There as small magnets molded inside the paddle and as the paddle spins it passes the sensor located within the upper-works of the flow meter. The signal is called a square wave. The faster the paddle spins the more liquid media is passing through the plastic flow meter. The velocity of the spinning paddle assembly is proportional to the flow rate.

The most critical area of a paddle wheel flow meter is the paddle itself. The plastic paddle spins at very high velocities. Truflo paddle wheel assemblies come with a zirconium ceramic rotor pin and zirconium ceramic bushing located within the paddle itself. Zirconium ceramic is material, which exhibits excellent chemical and wear/abrasion properties. The Truflo plastic paddle wheel assembly comes with a life-time warranty


Plastic Paddlewheel flowmeters are available in size ranges ¼”-24”, in order for the flow meter to properly provide accurate flow reading for the different pipe sizes, a k-factor needs to be programmed into the controller. There is a different K-factor for every pipe size, which determines the volume of liquid that passes through the plastic flow meter with every turn of the paddle.
Unlike other models of paddle wheel flowmeters the  Truflo TK series come factory pre-programmed, and  requires no k-factor programming.


The Truflo paddle wheel flow meters are industry’s most accurate. The new TKB and TKR series are rated at 0.5% accuracy over the full scale or range of the meter.

The PP and PVDF plastic flow meter bodies are available with Butt fusion, or ANSI 150lb connections.

All Truflo TK series flow meters also come with true-union end connections which makes the plastic flow meter easy to install and remove.





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