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Radar Level Sensor

MLR-70 SERIES – Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

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Teflon® Coated Probe
Small Dead Band
Excellent Chemical Resistance
High Accuracy
Simple Programming
LED Display
IP67 Housing
4-20mA Loop Powered
No Moving Parts
Output signal: 4-20mA (Std) / 4-20mA+HART /
0-5VDC / Modbus-RTU / RS485


MLR-70 SERIES – Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor

These are the types of sensors which can detect the level under a layer of airy foam. These sensors are critically used in the commercial and industrial process for accurate measurements of liquid volumes at any point in a container. OEMs can be profited to a large extent as it can reduce process variability which will result in less waste, reduced cost, and higher quality.

A variety of Continuous level sensors can be used for different application and this wide range of applications is offered by the Icon’s company. Fluid and container considerations are the factors which determine the long life and reliable operation.

They have their own speciality and also advantageous than the ultrasonic technology as continuous level radar can provide a non-continuous level measurement for difficult liquids and solids.

Key features of Radar level sensor which makes it a necessity in the market are discussed below:

  • Its ability to resist biomass, dust, oil, grease, sludge, turbulence, pressure, and vacuum which is a valid characteristic to make it a top priority in selecting this sensor
  • Simple usage with push-button calibration makes it less complex.
  • This is a non – destructive method which can be used for measurement over large ranges.
  • For liquid sensing single frequency radar level are used
  • Dual-frequency radar level sensors used for level measurements of sand, coal, gravels, and other solids.

High-quality sensors and also service will be provided and manufactured by Icon’s industry expertise. People are given almost 3 days from the given day of purchase to make a return.

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