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Turbine Plastic Flow Meter

ProPulse Series Turbine Flow Meter

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Universal Body 5 Different Flow Ranges – (Flow Jets Are Field Replaceable)
Excellent Chemical Resistance
All Plastic PVDF Body, Rotor, Sapphire Bearings
Ultra Low Flow Ranges from 50 ml/min (.013 GPM)
Pressure Rating 10 bar (150 psi)
Compact – Light weight
Temperature Rating -40 -120°C (-40 -248°F)
Barbed Hose intal/Outlet connection 5/16 and 1/2 inch. 8mm, 12mm, or 3/8″ Pipe Connecton
High Accuracy & Repeatability
NPN Pulse Output


Propulse Series Turbine Plastic Flow Meter

The Propulse turbine plastic flow meter by Truflo has become the industry standard for the next generation of liquid flow measurement technology.

Propulse series turbine plastic flow meter offers many innovative improvements and new features that set it apart from similar flow measurement devices. It has been designed to measure pulsating or dosing type flows, with an accuracy of ±0.1%.

ProPulse provides superior performance and delivers accurate Ultra Low Flow measurement that is highly repeatable under the most demanding of industrial environments. The ProPulse Series consists of one universal body that can be customized into four (4) selectable flow ranges. Changing from one flow range to another is simply achieved by inserting a very precise flow jet, no special tools required for change out …truly Plug and Play.

The ProPulse operates using a PVDF rotor with encapsulated magnetic inserts which rotate on a long wearing set of sapphire bearings designed to provide years of reliability. As the rotor spins the magnetic field produced by the magnets is pick up via a Hall Effect Sensor which converts the rotation into a square wave NPN pulse output that can be sent directly to a metering pump or local display.

The Truflo turbine flow meter comprises a compact lightweight all plastic body, a material that has excellent chemical resistance and wear properties. These features make it an excellent choice for both acids and bases.

Propulse flow meters can be supplied as a with a flying lead or with a M12 connector with a two visual LED lights (Power – Flow Notification)

Propulse turbine plastic flow meter is ideal for a variety of applications including chemical dosing skids, chemical processing, plating chemicals, PH control, chemical skids, water and wastewater.


Operating Range: Dependant on Model: (0.013 GPM – 3.9 GPM)
Accuracy: ±1.0%

Repeatability: ±0.5% of max range at 25°C (77°F)

Temperature Rating : -4 – 240 °F

System Response: 100 ms update rate nominal

Power Requirements: 24VDC
Pressure Rating: 150psi

Wetted Materials
Sensor Body:  PVDF

O-Ring: FPM (Standard) EPDM (Optional)

Connections: Barbed (5/16 and 1/2inch) or 3/8” Straight Pipe