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What is the Best Level Sensor for Corrosive Liquids

Corrosive liquids can be found in just about every industry, food, metal finishing, water-waste water treatment, textile, automotive, to name just a few.  When it comes to selecting the correct sensor technology there are many different factors to consider.

Plastic level sensors are an excellent choice for corrosive liquid chemical applications. Plastics unlike metals do not corrode, however, they can deteriorate and swell if the correct plastic is not used

Levelpro offers plastic level sensors for continuous level indication, as well as plastic level switches for point level notification.

There are many different factors to consider when selecting the right product for the application.

Chemical Liquid?



With this information a material of construction for the level sensor can be selected.

Next it is important to understand other factors that contribute to the success or failure of the level sensor

Is there particulate with the liquid?

Does the Liquid create a film, or does it have a coating effect?

Does the chemical produce foam?

Does the chemical Outgas or create a vapor blanket?

Is there sludge at the bottom of the tank?

Is the liquid agitated?

Once the information pertaining to the chemical and the type of sensor technology (continuous or point) level is determined Icon can recommend the most suitable product for the application.

An excellent level sensor for corrosive liquids is the 100 series submersible level sensor. The plastic level transmitter is available in PVC, PP, PVDF bodies, and comes standard with a corrosion resistant PTFE jacketed cable, and Kalrez O-rings.

The 100 Series submersible level sensors incorporate a weighted body which ensures the sensor sits at the bottom of the tank. The plastic level transmitter has a ceramic sensing diaphragm that measures the head pressure of the liquid.

The 100 Series level sensors are not affected by Foam-Vapor-Condensate-Turbulence, making them an excellent choice for many different applications.

If the chemical produce sludge then Icon would recommend a non-contact level technology such as the Ultrapro Ultrasonic level sensor, or the Proscan radar transmitter.

For clean liquids the CFL series continuous float is a reliable and economical choice.

Icon also offers a complete line of plastic level switches for point level indication. These plastic switches are available in PVC, PP and PVDF materials, and the relay can be set to normally open or normally closed positions.

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